HCLA Activities

HCLA organizes three broad types of activities as described below

Member Activity

These are activities that are only open to members and they coincide with four major Hua culture festivals: New Year and Lantern Festival, Qingming Festival, Duanwu Festival, and Mid Autumn Festival.

Public Activity

These are activities that are open to the general public and may include a wide variety of topics related to Hua culture and/or of interest to our members. One such activity is the regular “Core (Hua) Culture Seminar Series”, organized in a format similar to academic seminars with internal (HCLA) and external speakers. Another example is the Arts and Music Activity, involving Hua music performance or Hua art and crafts demonstration and exhibit.

Community Activity

HCLA organizes and participates in activities involving the entire State College community. For example, HCLA participates in selected culture festivals , in State College to showcase our Hua culture. In addition, HCLA also organizes and participates in volunteering activities in State College that benefit the entire community.